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We offer the choice of either road (DHL Economy Select) or air express delivery services to major cities, towns, and business centres across Europe.

DHL Economy Select is perfect for your less urgent requirements, providing you with door-to-door delivery for your single parcels, multi-parcel shipments or pallets across 33 European countries.

DHL Economy Select Service Features

Reliable day-certain service, door-to-door deliveries of single parcels and multi-parcels.
Greater reach across all of Europe
Consistent quality from country to country
Pre-scheduled pick-ups and committed delivery times
Online tracking
Excellent customer service

Weight and Size Limits

up to 50kg per piece (non-palletised)
up to 120cm x 80cm x 80cm per piece (non-palletised)

The DHL Express service offers delivery before close of business on the next possible working day.

Package content

You need to enter a short description of the goods you are sending.

Try to be descriptive, for example don't just enter 'Gift' or 'Personal Items' - try to include more details wherever possible.

Also, please remember to click on the Prohibited Items link to ensure we can safely carry your goods.

You must also enter the total value of the goods you re sending.This can be an approximation and does not need to be exact.