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Can I have a collection at a particular time?
The Driver can collect between the time booked and closing time of business as declared at the time of booking. 
It is 3.30pm and my collection hasn''t happened.
Collections can happen until 5.30pm.
Driver did not collect today in spite of booking this morning? What happens now?
In the rare event that the collection has not happened by the end of the day, please call us again to rebook your collection at a time convenient to you. 
Are the deliveries guaranteed for next day?
Standard next day deliveries are not guaranteed.
How much is my Consignment covered for?
All services have an inclusive cover of £50 for loss or damage. Additional transit cover can be purchased at 2% of the declared value at the time of booking.
There is an exception to the inclusive cover - subject to goods not being on the list of prohibited or restricted items. 
Do I sign for my goods if they are damaged?
You may sign for the goods received but state clearly as damaged and unopened. If you just sign it will be considered as goods received in good condition.                    
Do I need to keep the packaging?
If the parcel is received as damaged, all packaging and the goods must be kept as received after opening the package as the carrier’s claims department will need to inspect the damage before a claim can be issued.  If packaging is not kept the claim can be rejected.
How much time do I have to submit a loss or damage claim?
All claims must be submitted within 7 days from date of sending the goods.
I don''t want to book online, can I ring you to book the collection?
In order to save time and cost to yourselves it is better to book online, however you may call us if you wish.
I don’t want to prepare label online can I use a manual airway bill?
All carriers are asking for the shipping labels to be prepared online, as all the information is visible.
I made a mistake online, how do I delete or change this?
Please e-mail Customer Services with the required changes and we will confirm if we are able to correct the mistake or whether you will need to re book.
Package content

You need to enter a short description of the goods you are sending.

Try to be descriptive, for example don't just enter 'Gift' or 'Personal Items' - try to include more details wherever possible.

Also, please remember to click on the Prohibited Items link to ensure we can safely carry your goods.

You must also enter the total value of the goods you re sending.This can be an approximation and does not need to be exact.