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We provide delivery service from the UK to more than 220 countries. The services that we offer are the same as the carriers themselves.

Why should you use our service? Because we offer you :

Choice of carriers

Depending on your shipping profile, one carrier may not be able to offer you the best transit times or the best rates to all the destinations. Most carriers are strong in some areas but not in all. With Peleka, you will be able to choose the ‘best of the bunch!''.

At present we are offering DHL Express services.  However, we will be offering services from other world leading carriers such as UPS, TNT and Parcelforce in the near future.  

Peace of Mind

You can track your parcel online anytime. This offers you complete peace of mind and lets you focus on with your business.

Discounted Rates

We have negotiated excellent discounts with major carriers due to our massive buying power. This enables us to offer you very competitive rates. This can make you even more competitive in your business and thus increase market share.

Personal Service

You can have a dedicated customer service advisor who can look after your shipping requirements. Our wide range of services allows you to choose depending on your requirements. With one call you can sort all your parcel shipping! We are your Despatch Department.

Please see below the list of services we are offering:

DHL Domestic Express  

DHL Domestic Express is available with a same day pickup and delivery on the next possible business day. Rest assured that your delivery will be tracked throughout the course of its journey and proof of delivery will be available. So, when you need it there by tomorrow you can rely on DHL Domestic Express to make the delivery on time.

DHL Economy Select

For your non time-sensitive deliveries, providing you with door-to-door delivery for your single parcels, multi-parcel shipments across 34 European countries.

DHL Express Worldwide Export & Import 

Express door-to-door international delivery of document and non-document shipments before close of business on the next possible working day. This service is available to more than 220 countries worldwide.

Weight & Size Restrictions

  • up to 50kg per piece (non-palletised)
  • up to 120cm x 80cm x 80cm per piece (non-palletised)
  • up to 1,000kg per piece (palletised)
  • up to 120cm(L) x 100cm(W) x 160cm(H) per piece (palletised)
  • up to 1,000kg per Waybill
Package content

You need to enter a short description of the goods you are sending.

Try to be descriptive, for example don't just enter 'Gift' or 'Personal Items' - try to include more details wherever possible.

Also, please remember to click on the Prohibited Items link to ensure we can safely carry your goods.

You must also enter the total value of the goods you re sending.This can be an approximation and does not need to be exact.