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Our popular domestic service offers reliable, cost effective door-to-door the end of the next working day delivery for your important documents and parcels to business and residential adddresses within the UK, including Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Weight and Size Limits

up to 50kg per piece (non-palletised)
up to 120cm x 80cm x 80cm per piece (non-palletised)

Package content

You need to enter a short description of the goods you are sending.

Try to be descriptive, for example don't just enter 'Gift' or 'Personal Items' - try to include more details wherever possible.

Also, please remember to click on the Prohibited Items link to ensure we can safely carry your goods.

You must also enter the total value of the goods you re sending.This can be an approximation and does not need to be exact.